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    The Creative Writer

    2011 - 02.14

    My ♥husband♥ brought me a Valentine’s breakfast in bed this morning: coffee, oatmeal, and fresh strawberries that looked like perfect little red hearts. Thank you, Sweetie!

    I also got the following Valentine email that made me laugh. No, it’s not from Kevin, but it was so creative that I had to share it. (Warning it’s an ad, but worth a minute to read.)

    Dear Rebecca,

    I can no longer refrain from expressing to you my deep and undying love. It seems so ridiculous, we hardly even know each other, but never in the history of humankind has a better match existed. You, a voracious reader of books, and I, a humble used book store with a hunger and desire to share my books with you. How often I imagine your loving gaze as you browse the millions of used books on my website, or your soft caress as you turn the pages of a book you cannot put down.

    Please know that this is no whim of fancy but a sincere desire of the heart that is nearly indescribable. Since the day you lovingly wrote your email address on my login page I have kept it indelibly inscribed in the heart (of my database), never to be shared, as the thought of any other having it nearly kills me with jealousy. Just know that I think of it often and desire your love in return.

    And now my affection can no longer be contained. I want to shout from the rooftops: “I have free shipping in the USA, for you, my love, and deep discounts to Canada and Europe!”

    I know you cannot deny the chemistry between us. I can feel you thinking fondly of me, now, as I am constantly thinking of you. Please don’t delay in logging onto my website, www.thriftbooks.com, as I fear my heart may explode in the agony of your absence. My fondness for you, if it can be believed, is even deeper now at the end of this letter than it was when I began.

    Until we connect again…

    Be Mine. – Thriftbooks.com