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    2010 - 02.05

    I write novels for Young Adults. So far I’ve had more than 30 fiction books and a handful of short stories published by major publishers.

    I’ve been married to bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson since 1991.  Together, we’ve written: all 14 volumes of the Star Wars Young Jedi Knights series (Berkley), two Titan AE novels (Berkley), the graphic novels The Gorn Crisis (DC/Wildstorm) and Grumpy Old Monsters (IDW), a couple of Star Wars pop-up books,  several movie novelizations, and an original YA fantasy series, Crystal Doors (Little, Brown).  Right now we’re working together on an original YA science fiction series, Star Challengers (co-created with June Scobee-Rodgers for the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education).

    On my own, I wrote the Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel Little Things (SS) and three Star Wars Junior Jedi Knights novels (Berkley).  I’m currently working on a YA romantic comedy.

    I’m a devout gadgetologist.  If a piece of technology is the coolest, the latest, the greatest, the best, I must—and eventually shall—own it.

    My last name, Moesta, is pronounced MESS-tuh.

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