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    2006 - 10.14

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    Okay, I’ve gotten this from two sources now in two weeks.

    Here it is: I’m not on *anyone’s* radar screen as far as name-recognition goes. That’s right — I pretty much don’t exist.

    People who are familiar with Kevin J Anderson apparently know that he has a wife whose name appears on some of the books he writes, mostly the YA ones. But they don’t know who Rebecca Moesta is. My (Kevin’s and my) publicist tells me that I need rebeccamoesta.com to be my own page, not a pointer to the mostly-Kevin-with-Rebecca-thrown-in site. Will this accomplish anything? Who would go there, and why? Other than a list of my books (88% written with Kevin), what would I include??

    Need the help of both pros and fans here. Comments?

    Anonymously yours, Rebecca

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