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    2006 - 10.26

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    As of right now, the blizzard of 2006 has left about 18″ of snow at our house, with drifts well over 3 feet deep. The winds were up to 50 mph, and the snow blew sideways most of the day creating whiteout conditions. Whee! That meant that no WordFire employees could come in to work, there were no deliveries, no repair people came, very few phone calls. Yippee! And my commute is about 30 feet down the hall. Blizzards are quite lovely under these circumstances.

    Kevin knew about the blizzard, so he and hiking partner Tim headed off to Moab yesterday with my nephew Spencer for a long weekend of hiking and writing in beautiful Utah.

    As Kevin always says, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” And we are, indeed, lucky!

    May all of you enjoy the bliss now and then of uninterrupted work on something you love in a beautiful environment.



    P.S. Deb, one of my bestest buddies for more than a decade (and president of Kevin’s fan club), is fairly new to MySpace. She is 2nd on my friends list. Would some of you please welcome and befriend her?

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