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    2007 - 01.08

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    Have you been watching the most recent installments of Colorado Hogs the Headlines? Three blizzards in three weeks. In our area, the annual average snowfall is roughly 37″. In the past *3 weeks* we’ve had 48″ or so. As if that’s not enough, Denver got a football player killed, and the road to Winter Park had a rip-roaring avalanche. (This isn’t actually our snowy season, BTW. That comes in March and April.) And guess what’s headed our way in a few days?

    Right. More snow.

    Keep an eye on Kevin’s blog for the next week and a half. He’ll be posting his world-famous advice on increasing your writing productivity. Hmm. I doubt that’s enough to get us into the news. What *will* we do next to grab the headlines?



    *This multipurpose Italian salutation is used in an advised, tongue-in-cheek manner and in no way implies a corresponding chicness, shallowness, or worldliness on the part of the author. (Additional pejoratives may apply. Void where prohibited by law. Ask your physician if Ciao is right for you.)

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