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    2008 - 06.06

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    To celebrate the publication of the third volume of the Crystal Doors trilogy, SKY REALM, we’re offering free books!

    Kevin and I, in conjunction with the publisher (Little, Brown) are offering a *free* hardcover copy of Book 1 to get new readers hooked on the series. To get your free book, go to wordfire.com and click on the “Crystal Doors Offer” banner on the homepage. This offer now includes readers anywhere in the world. You pay only for postage/packaging by clicking the Donation button (rates listed on offer page).

    Even better, if you’re a library or other nonprofit US organization, we’ll even pay for shipping, if you agree to send us a tax-deductible-donation receipt in return. Just send your request directly to books@wordfire.com.

    CRYSTAL DOORS is a Young Adult fantasy trilogy with adventure, exotic lands, sea battles and sea monsters, underwater cities, flying islands, and two teenaged “twin” cousins from Earth who may be able to save
    all the worlds connected by a network of crystal doors.

    If you’ve considered trying this series, get Crystal Doors: Island Realm while we still have copies left.



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