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    Blizzard Redux and Belated News

    2006 - 12.27

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    The blizzard just before Christmas meant that the flights of my sister in Maryland, nephew-in-law in Atlanta, sister-in-law in L.A., and brother and family in Seattle all got cancelled. We got whomped by about two feet of snow, so no flights were going in or out. Our cars could’t even make it to the street, much less to pick up family. My niece Sarah and goddaughter Maren were already here and staying with my parents, so Kevin and I snow-shoed two miles to spend time with them (and my parents, sister Diane, brother-in-law Tim, and nephew Spencer) in spite of the weather.

    In what was virtually a Christmas miracle, all but my nephew-in-law managed either to drive here or get one of the rare seats on a rebooked flight and arrive by the 23rd. We had two of the out of town families stay with us, and two extra families and lots of kids stayed at my Mom & Dad’s. As usual, our street was the very last to be plowed, so for days, we had to hike back and forth through knee-deep snow to one of the plowed roads, and have Tim ferry us to and from my parents’ house for family events. Even so, we had a wonderful time, and thank you to so many of you for your kind wishes.

    In addition, just before Christmas I was asked to be a judge for the Writers of the Future Contest. (The KevMeister and I have been giving talks at the annual WotF workshops for about a decade now, but only KJ was an official judge.) Yay!

    I wish you all safety and happiness as a new winter storm approaches Colorado. Proof once more that we’ll do *anything* to get into the news. . . .



    *This multipurpose Italian salutation is used in an advised, tongue-in-cheek manner and in no way implies a corresponding chicness, shallowness, or worldliness on the part of the author. (Additional pejoratives may apply. Void where prohibited by law. Ask your physician if Ciao is right for you.)