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    Dragon Con 2015

    2015 - 09.02

    Dragon Con starts Friday, and Kevin and I are heading for Atlanta. Between panels we’ll be at our table in the Dealer’s Room, autographing books and meeting fans. Come and pick up books to have them signed. We are at 90–91C & 112–113D in the AmericasMart Dealer’s Room.

    Here’s a detailed schedule of our panels and appearances:


    11:00 AM Jody Lynn Nye Writer’s Workshop (KJA & Reb)
    2:30  PM The Plot Thickens: Mystery & Suspense in UF (KJA)
    5:30  PM Legendary SW Authors Talk Mythos (KJA & Reb)


    10:00 AM Building & Sustaining a Writing Career (KJA)
    4:00   PM Magnificent Men of Fantasy Fiction (KJA)
    7:00   PM Dragon Con Guest of Honor Awards Banquet (KJA & Reb)


    10:00 AM Reading (KJA & Reb)
    1:00   PM  Monsters & Mayhem (Reb)
    5:30   PM  X-Files Anthology (KJA)
    7:00   PM  How I Would Have Written TFA—(KJA & Reb)
    8:30   PM  Just Kill Me Now (Reb)

    Writing Secrets Seminar

    2010 - 01.23

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    What does it take to become a professional in the field of writing fiction? For more than 15 years Kevin J. Anderson & I have given all-too-brief workshops on the subject. And each year we get countless requests to offer more extensive teaching sessions.

    Now Kevin and I are teaming with three other international bestselling authors—Eric Flint, David Farland (Dave Wolverton), and Brandon Sanderson—to present a full curriculum of talks and panels during a three-day weekend event on crucial aspects of being a professional writer.

    Dates:  March 19-21, 2010
    Location:  Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, California
    Event:  An in-depth, no-nonsense, nuts & bolts seminar for serious writers, whether aspiring or already published, who want to take their careers to a new level
    Opportunity:  On March 20, we’re holding an optional “special access” dinner with all five authors in an upscale restaurant in Pasadena (limit of 25 paid participants; see website for details)

    To register or find out more, go to Superstars Writing Seminar

    Dragon*Con Schedule for Rebecca & Kevin

    2008 - 08.27

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    Dragon*Con Schedule for Rebecca & Kevin
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    Kevin and I are off to Dragon*Con. For any of you who will be in Atlanta, here’s our schedule:

    1:00–2:00 PM    501st celebrationn — Kevin & Rebecca
    4:00–5:00 PM    Kevin & Rebecca autographing
    5:30–6:30 PM    Humor/Horror panel — Kevin

    11:00AM–12:00 PM    Decatur Book Fest — Kevin
    2:30–3:30 PM    Things I WishSome Pro Had Told Me — Kevin & Rebecca
    5:30–6:30 PM    Historical Influences in SW — Kevin & Rebecca
    6:45–8:30 PM    Dragon*Con Banquet — Kevin & Rebecca
    8:30–9:30 PM    Bestselling fiction — Kevin

    10:00–11:00 AM    Jedi Roundtable — Kevin & Rebecca
    1:00–2:00 PM    Reading — Kevin
    2:30–3:30 PM    Reading — Rebecca
    4:00–4:30 PM    signing @ the Missing Volume — Kevin & Rebecca

    10:00–11:00 AM    SF&F for Teachers — Rebecca
    1:00–2:00 PM    Exciting 2ndary Characters — Rebecca

    Hope to see you there or on the upcoming Dune tour. Or both.



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    Differentiation and Branding

    2006 - 10.14

    Cross-posted from MySpace:

    Okay, I’ve gotten this from two sources now in two weeks.

    Here it is: I’m not on *anyone’s* radar screen as far as name-recognition goes. That’s right — I pretty much don’t exist.

    People who are familiar with Kevin J Anderson apparently know that he has a wife whose name appears on some of the books he writes, mostly the YA ones. But they don’t know who Rebecca Moesta is. My (Kevin’s and my) publicist tells me that I need rebeccamoesta.com to be my own page, not a pointer to the mostly-Kevin-with-Rebecca-thrown-in site. Will this accomplish anything? Who would go there, and why? Other than a list of my books (88% written with Kevin), what would I include??

    Need the help of both pros and fans here. Comments?

    Anonymously yours, Rebecca